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Let our Consulting Services create your customized solutions for success!

We are the experts in customizing electronic solutions to put you in the winner's circle. RaceGrade can create custom software and hardware solutions. From stand alone setup sheets, to integration with MoTeC's i2 Pro and telemetry software, our engineers can tailor the solution to your needs. Some of the examples include:

MoTeC i2 Pro plugins:
  • Weather Data plugin: This software creates weather related channels in i2 Pro linked from a log file created by the weather station. Channels such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature are all available as a normal channel.
  • Floating Point Conversions: This plugin allows the MoTeC logger to log a floating point number, then after downloading the plugin can convert this to a decimal number value in i2 Pro.
  • Custom Constants:  This plugin will link a custom setup sheets to the creation of constants in i2 Pro which are stored in the data file directly. This allows the constants to remain with the data file rather than in the normal i2 Pro setup sheet.
  • WayPoints:  This plugin generates a WayPoint file for Lowrance GPS systems, commonly used in off road racing like the Baja 1000.

MoTeC Telemetry Monitor add-on software:

  • Fuel Strategy: A custom Excel file which pulls the telemetry data directly into a fuel strategy calculation spreadsheet. It can also record and graph end of lap data.
  • Live Google Earth: This software allows you to watch in Google Earth the live position of your vehicle.

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